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Ah! Ramon! Wine

Ah! Ramon!

"The Time Is Now" VDF Languedoc-Roussillon, France

This natural wine is now ready to be drunk after being bottled in 2016. An impossible blend of 7 varieties (with a dominant Aramon) made into a fresh and super fruity drink by Antony Tortul, the man behind La Sorga. Tannic, sharp and powerful yet smooth and extremely quaffable at the same time. Pure, alive and kicking much like what you would expect from this winery; every bottle is an experience. We recommend drinking within 90-120 minutes from opening as this is when this wine is at its peak.

Wine File
GrapeAramon / Cinsault / Terret / Calmette Noir/ Alicante / Muscat of Alexandria / Malbec
ColourDark Garnet
On The NoseBlack fruit, herbal notes
On the palatePowerful fruit on a fresh structure
Drink By2020
Bottle Size750 ml

£17.30 a bottle

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Info on Grower

Antony is a talented young vigneron who spent some year gathering his experience in vinyards in Bergerac, Corbieres, Châteauneuf du Pape and others. La sorga is a result of his clear vision: "My goal was to produce a wide range of natural wines by combining organic or biodynamic farming with non-interventionist winemaking.

This is the result of a rigorous selection of exceptional terroirs (only plots of hillsides, well drained over a wide range of geological profiles: shale, clay-limestone, quartz ...) in order to obtain naturally low yields. The selection is in the image of the one who conceives it (a bit excessive ...) and that's how I found myself with about forty vines to be vinified (from Ariège to Chateauneuf-du-Pape via Gaillac ), because the more I visited, the more I withheld! I favor isolated vineyards to avoid any contamination by chemical treatments. The vines are cultivated without synthetic products, they are plowed or kept in grass to favor the microbial life of the grounds and follow a strict specifications concerning the culture, the yields, health status and stages of maturity. Another important element, the choice of grape varieties is very much concentrated on the old varieties (Carignan, Cinsault, Aramon, Grenache, Mauzac, Muscat ...), it is the same for the age of the vines, which varies (for 90% of production) from 40 to 110 years old.
The entire harvest is done manually with a strict sorting, it is then transported in small boxes (15 kg maximum) to ensure its integrity to the cellar.


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