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How is natural wine is made?

Natural wine Is made from organically farmed grapes, with little to no intervention from the winemaker in the form of additives and processing. The result is wine in its purest form.

Wine was first made thousands of years ago in a number of places around the world where humans discovered the process of fermenting grape juice into an alcoholic beverage. Over the years, winemakers honed their knowledge and skills, discovered advantageous growing regions, classified varieties and categorised them; all in order to enhance the quality of their wines.

In more recent times and with the need to mass-produce and conform with certain taste profiles, wine has been increasingly made with added substances and processing aids which detract from its natural qualities.

Many people including wine professionals around the world were unaware that the vast majority of wine available today (Including some very expensive brands) is allowed to be made with up to 60 different additives and a host of significant manipulation processes that change its colour, aroma, texture and taste. Unlike with food products, none of the above is required to be stated on the label.

What are the benefits of natural wine?

Wine lovers worldwide are increasingly interested in natural wines made without the addition of aroma and taste-changing substances. Ones made to truly reflect their origin; the terroir, grape variety and winemaker’s talent.

Health-conscious consumers are becoming aware of the concerns surrounding the use of chemicals in wine cultivation, witnessed by the sharp rise in the popularity of organic and biodynamic wines. Conventional winemakers claim only small amounts of these chemicals are present in their wine. Natural wine has none.

Natural wine is routinely found on the menus of high-end and even Michelin starred restaurants. It garners growing following amongst professional sommeliers and, being organically farmed, is widely considered a sustainable and an environmentally-friendly choice.

Lessons from the "Natural Wine" movement

Facts about natural wine
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