Vegan Wine

All Of Our Wines Are Suitable For Consumption By Vegans And Vegetarians.

Vegan wine is defined, like all other vegan food and drink, as being free from animal products.

For many years consumers with vegan preferences were assuming that conventional wine is suitable for their consumption because it made from grapes only. As of recent the issue within the wine industry concerning transparency regarding raw material used in production has been surfacing and is becoming more common knowledge. Wine is the only product that doesn’t legally have to declare the ingredients on the label. (Continue reading below products)


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Hand Picked Vegan Wine

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A La Natural Blanc
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Ah! Ramon! Wine
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Aire De Viognier
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All About Vegan Wine

The vast majority of conventional winemakers (even some very high end, expensive brands) use animal products in the vinification process of their wines.

Examples of such animal products are Albumen, Casein, Gelatin, Insinglass, blood and bone marrow, milk protein, egg whites, fish oil and others. These substances are inserted into the wine in order to bind with small particles in order to produce a fine clear wine free of residue. These additives also change the taste of the wines, however the same result can be achieved by natural winemakers through cold fining and natural decanting.


A number of large supermarket chain stores offer vegan wine in which a host of chemical substances such as bentonite and sterile filtration processes replace the use of animal products, however the end result is far from what many wine lovers hope for.


Natural wine is the perfect solution for vegan wine lovers because it offers animal product free option, which is also free from synthetic elements. The flavours are bright and robust, and reliably reflect the origins of the wine and talent of the natural winemakers.