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6 Refreshing Midsummer Vegan Wines

Refreshing Vigan wines

Low intervention in winemaking is highly praised for its respect for the environment. It is also more organic viticulture, limiting the use of additives, which has gained popularity among vintners all over the world and especially in the UK.

Winemakers turn to organic viticulture to reduce the use of additives

This summer, explore natural wines made from grapes grown in the sun-drenched vineyards of Bodega Recuero. They are working with native grape varieties like Moravia, Pardillo, and Gordal, from Gigüela Valley. This soil is rich in limestone, ideal for viticulture. In addition, the region’s chilly winters and scorching summers perfectly compliment the vines’ seasonal cycle.

The delicious Calambur Burrito 2015 wine is great, round, full and concentrated. This orange wine is made from Malvar grapes that are over a century old. It has been in the bottle for a few years and is now at its best, exhibiting the highest purity level and a complex but accessible range of flavours.

The Sigilo Desañe Rosé – Brut Nature is overwhelmingly amazing and refreshing. With a mixture of 87 per cent each of two red types (Brujidera and Tinta Velasco, sometimes known as Moravia) and four white kinds (Airen, Malvar, Albillo Pardo & Verdoncho). The whites come from an early harvest to provide some acidity and freshness.

The Transmontes 2019 is a natural wine that is also organically certified, unfiltered, and unfined. It is wonderful, and this vintage only contains 12.5%. Fantastic value for a fresh and stimulating wine that won’t disappoint you!

Refreshing and character-filled wines from a centuries-old producer

Another natural wine producer is Bodegas Cueva making wine since the 18th century. The Bobal, Vi Viu and Orange 2020 fully refreshing vegan wines with character.
This historic bodega, which goes back to the 18th century, still only makes This bottle of wines are created using natural techniques, without the use of filtration or other artificial processes—respect for the environment, biodiversity, and health.

The Bobal wine is a pink PetNat, manufactured entirely from the Bobal grape type, which is indigenous to the Valencia area of Spain. Vivacious and vibrant, this delightful sparkling rosé delivers a fruit-forward flavour with a hint of spice and depth and is delivered atop opulent frothy bubbles. It is a truly joyful wine.

A bottle of Vi Viu is a fruity natural red wine that has amassed devoted followers all over the globe. This Syrah’s contains a little Grenache and Monastrell, adding additional freshness, fruitiness, and a lighter cherry-red hue.

Last but not least is a natural wine called Orange 2020, plain and simple. A novel mix of native Macabeo and Tardana grapes, as well as Chardonnay, Xarel-lo, and muscatel, is used to create an orange wine. It is harmonious and prodigious because it is as flavourful and lively as it is fresh; the palate emits expressive ripe fruit and is substantial.


In conclusion, whether you’re looking for a refreshing and easy-to-drink wine or something with a more complex flavour, there is a natural wine for you to try. Whether you’re in the mood for something fruity, light, or vibrant, sparkly and robust, there’s a perfect wine for you to enjoy this summer. So go out and explore our wine shop!

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