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Discover the Best White Sparkling Wines of the Year

Discover the Best White Sparkling Wines of the Year

Who among us doesn’t relish the effervescent burst of a bottle of sparkling wine being uncorked? It’s akin to the overture of a grand musical performance, signalling the onset of joyful moments to come. In the fascinating world of sparkling wines, white varieties stand out with an undeniable charisma. They are like the virtuosos in an orchestra, each contributing a unique note to an already captivating melody. Whether you are drawn to time-honoured classics or intrigued by vibrant newcomers, each bottle offers an experience worthy of raising a glass in celebration of happiness, friendship, and an unadulterated passion for exquisite wine. Ever wondered how these effervescent treasures were created? Or what are the bottles you should be eyeing for in the coming year? You’re in the right place. This comprehensive article is your gateway to the alluring landscape of white sparkling wines. While Champagne often steals the spotlight, this article will illuminate other sparkling white wines that deserve to grace your next special occasion. Ready to find out the best sparkling white wines to purchase in 2023? Let’s embark on this sparkling journey.

History of White Sparkling Wines: Where it All Began

Let’s rewind time and take a stroll down the vineyard lanes where sparkling wine was born. Contrary to popular belief, the history of white sparkling wines is not confined to the lavish courts of France. It is a narrative woven through centuries, across continents, from European elegance to New World ingenuity. Historically, these wines were often a happy accident, an unintended second fermentation resulting in bubbles that enthralled palates and took over the world, one sip at a time.

Trivia: The oldest recorded sparkling wine is Blanquette de Limoux, supposedly invented by Benedictine Monks in the Abbey of Saint-Hilaire, near Carcassonne in 1531.

Pétillant Naturel: An Old Technique Making a Comeback

Picture this. It’s like the vinyl record of wines. Old but gold. Pétillant Naturel, or Pet-Nat as it’s endearingly called, is less a fad and more of a resurrection. The method involves bottling the wine before it has fully completed its first fermentation, allowing it to finish in the bottle, and create a natural fizz. It offers freshness and purity, evoking dry lemon sorbet vibes. The wine is approachable, fun, and zesty.

Prends Moi Sec Xxi: The New Sensation in Sparkling Wines

When you taste Prends Moi Sec Xxi, it’s like meeting a flamboyant artist whose work leaves you speechless. This is not just a beverage; it’s an experience. Originating in Alsace, France, it is one of the cloudiest Pet-Nats known. And that cloudiness? It’s like an artist’s smudge on a canvas, not a flaw but a feature. Once you sip it, the sharp acidity and lovely fruit expression amalgamate in a luscious and irresistible manner.

Sparkling White Wines to Buy in 2023: Your Go-To List

Now, if you’re looking to make an informed choice, this is where you focus. The year 2023 is set to be a veritable playground for sparkling wine enthusiasts. Several vineyards are releasing new vintages and unique blends that promise to captivate. Among these, don’t overlook the Vino Spumante 2020, which presents a harmonious blend of flavours, akin to a well-orchestrated musical composition. From Andrea Pra’s estate at the heart of Soave Classico, this sparkling wonder blends Garganega and Durella grapes in perfect harmony. It’s like listening to a duet where both voices are in perfect sync, creating a masterpiece.

The world of white sparkling wines is an ever-expanding universe, replete with old classics and new sensations. Each bottle has a story, and each sip is an experience. And we’re here to ensure you find your perfect match, your sparkling soulmate if you will. Stay tuned for more in-depth analysis and recommendations in section B. Cheers to joy, one sparkling glass at a time!

Vino Spumante 2020: Why This Year’s Vintage Stands Out

The term vintage is much more than a simple date stamped on a bottle. In the world of wine, it serves as a snapshot of a season’s highs and lows, captured in a liquid medium. For sparkling wine aficionados, Vino Spumante 2020 is the photograph you’ll want in your album. Originating from Andrea Pra’s estate in Soave Classico, this Spumante is akin to a secret garden full of rare blooms. Crafted from a blend of Garganega and Durella grapes, its secondary fermentation results in a bubbly beverage that offers a refreshing and fruity experience without any bitterness or oxidative notes.

Mélangé Blanc Brut Nature: A Harmony of Flavours

If wine were music, Mélangé Blanc Brut Nature would be a complex symphony. The Spanish cuvée incorporates a unique blend of grapes from the historic vineyards of Sierra de Gata and the old territories of Guzquía in Toledo. Imagine biting into a fresh green apple and a hint of spice. With its crisp bubbles and balanced acidity, it offers a refreshing minerality that runs across the palate, serenading your taste buds in the most delightful way.

Pure Wines vs Natural Wines: Understanding the Subtleties

Pure Wines is a rare gem among online wine shops in the UK, specialising in delivering natural wines right to your doorstep. But it doesn’t stop there; they also offer an enticing subscription club that caters to the explorative spirit of wine lovers. Every month, subscribers can look forward to a curated selection of either 3, 6, or 12 bottles, providing a wonderful opportunity to uncover the richness of quality natural wines. Whether you have a preference for Mixed—encompassing White, Red, Rosé, Orange, and Sparkling—or choose to focus solely on Whites or Reds, there’s something for every palate. Collaborating with winemakers from diverse corners of the globe, including France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Chile, Georgia, and even the United Kingdom, Pure Wines assures a selection that not only includes well-known regions and grape varieties but also introduces you to rare and enigmatic options.


The world of white sparkling wines is an expansive panorama filled with timeless classics and new marvels waiting to be discovered. From understanding the historical underpinnings to savouring the latest offerings like Vino Spumante 2020 and Mélangé Blanc Brut Nature, this article serves as your comprehensive primer. Whether you’re a traditionalist or an explorer at heart, there’s a sparkling wine out there with your name on it, waiting to add a little sparkle to your life.


  1. What is Vino Spumante 2020? A unique blend of Garganega and Durella grapes from Soave Classico.
  2. Is Mélangé Blanc Brut Nature from France? No, it originates from Spain.
  3. What are Pure Wines? Unadulterated and straightforward wines.
  4. Are Natural Wines Organic? Often, but not always.
  5. Is Pétillant Naturel the same as Pet-Nat? Yes, Pet-Nat is a shortened term.
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