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Just Red

Just Red 2017

“Pinot Strong In the Blend” Moravia, Czech Republic

£20.00 a bottle 

In stock

A interesting blend of Pinot Noir, Zweigelt and Frankovka (Blaüfrankisch) whereby each variety seems to contribute its attractive attributes into cohesive wine that is classy and superbly drinkable. In simple words, great blending work.Lusciousness and certain warmth from the Blaufrankich, a touch of freshness from the Zweigelt and above all, that cosmic Pinot Noir flavour that makes reach out to that glass again and again. We recommend opening 15-20 minutes before drinking at either room temperature or slightly chilled.

Wine File


Red Wine


Czech Republic



Drink By:




Bottle Size:

750 ml


Pinot Noir / Zweigelt / Frankovka (Blaüfrankisch)



£20.00 a bottle 

In stock


In the lush heart of Moravia, Czech Republic, lies a vinicultural treasure, a tantalising natural wine dubbed “Just Red.” This captivating blend features the robust Pinot Strong, an elegant force to be reckoned with, offering charm, charisma, and a touch of wit.

Upon uncorking, the seductive bouquet of dark fruits, like cherries, blackberries, and plums, mingles with a subtle hint of earthy spice. This delightful overture piques the senses, leaving you eager for more. The first sip reveals a velvety texture, as the Pinot Strong’s full-bodied character envelopes the palate. The wine’s earthiness is impeccably balanced by Moravia’s terroir, introducing a delightful minerality.

The finish, where Just Red truly excels, offers lingering notes of ripe fruits, tobacco, and chocolate, culminating in a crescendo of flavours. This wine’s wit shines not only in its enchanting taste but also in its commitment to sustainable, natural winemaking, ensuring each bottle’s purity and integrity.

So, when you seek a wine that will dazzle your senses and leave you smitten, look no further than Just Red. This enchanting elixir awaits, eager to whisk you away on a whirlwind journey of flavour and sophistication. Raise a glass to this marvellous marriage of wit and whimsy. Cheers!


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