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Real Vegan Wine (Organic)

real vegan wine

Do you crave a supple glass of wine but not sure if it is vegan?  A lot of people assume that ultimately it’s just grapes, right?

Not always; Surprisingly, the answer is that not every bottle contains vegan wine… there’s a lot more in conventional wine than just grapes! Although it might appear to simply be fermented grapes there’s actually a much more complex process that often involves wine being mixed with animal products.

For example, in order to act as a filter or a fining agent winemaker utilise a host of animal-derived products.

To be more specific, the types of animal products that go into some wine are: Fish bladders, gelatine, egg whites, milk protein, fish oil and fibres are often found in wines. Unfortunately, wine labels do not need to disclose how exactly each wine is produced!

Natural wines in the old days:

Wine is an ancient drink and as a result techniques of making it are equally ancient, using nothing but natural produce; the grapes and yeast that is present in the skins of the grapes.

The modern need to over-produce and over-consume caused the wine industry to re-invent its production processes and as a result, introduce modern techniques and materials to control production. Some of these substances are animal products.

The good news is that you can find natural wines In the UK that are free of any animal products. The great news is that natural wine is also free of chemical substances.

Organic wines:

They are called organic wines as they are grown and made with only organic ingredients (no chemical used in cultivation). The term ‘organic wine’ is important since it concerns the cultivation process of the grapes – a definition already exists for ‘wine made from organically grown grapes. Organic wine will, of course, have to be made from organically grown grapes.

The restrictions are:

    • No desulfurization (as the EU term it)
    • Sorbic acid prohibited
    • No herbicides
    • No fungicides
    • No chemical sprays

Biodynamic wines:

Biodynamic wines similar to organic it doesn’t use harmful chemicals, the vineyards use only natural fertilizers, ingredient (also called teas) and inputs that are produced on-site in the contained ecosystem. “Biodynamic” according to the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association is “a spiritual-ethical-ecological approach to agriculture. It encourages respectful cultivation of the vines and land and the inclusion of biodiversity in the vineyard.

That’s where we, Pure wines come in.

Our natural wines feature no animal products or artificial flavourings. We work with winemakers across the globe in order to source the finest natural wines and being to the UK market at the most attractive prices.

We strive to promote a wine culture where all types of wine lovers can find their passion. Vegan or not.

Ultimately, our mission is to bring high-quality natural wines, which are often found in Michelin starred restaurants, to the attention of the wide public

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