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The Rise of natural wine in London

Rise of natural wine in London

Have you ever wondered how a city as bustling and cosmopolitan as London is falling head over heels for natural wines? This enchanting city, with its rich culture and history, is now experiencing a new form of sophistication in the world of wine – one that is eco-friendly and tantalising to the taste buds. London is currently experiencing a surge in the popularity of natural wines, and it’s more than just a passing trend. In fact, it’s a revolution that’s changing the face of wine culture in the city. But what is this so-called ‘natural wine’, and why is it becoming the new buzzword in London’s wine circles?

Pure and Natural – Minimal Intervention

In the wine industry, ‘natural’ has become a watchword for a new generation of wine drinkers and producers. The idea is simple: make wine with minimal interference, using only the purest and most natural methods. The term ‘natural wine’ implies minimal intervention from the vineyard to the bottle. And it is this principle of purity that has the London wine shop scene buzzing with excitement.

Natural wines are created using organic or biodynamically grown grapes. No chemical fertilisers, pesticides, or herbicides are used in the cultivation process. The wine is then fermented with native yeasts, enhancing its unique flavour profile and making each bottle a direct expression of the vineyard.

Fun Fact: Natural wines often contain less than 50 parts per million of sulphur, which is significantly lower than most conventional wines!

Organic or Biodynamic Grapes – Fermented with Native Yeasts

Natural wines are produced from grapes grown either organically or biodynamically. These farming methods eschew synthetic fertilisers and pesticides, promoting a more sustainable and harmonious relationship with the land. Native yeasts, naturally present on the grape skins, are then used in the fermentation process, resulting in truly unique and vivid flavours that are a direct expression of the terroir.

The Different Colours of Wine – White Wines, Red Wines, Orange Wines, and Pink Wines

London’s natural wine scene is a riot of colours. The city’s vino enthusiasts can’t get enough of the whole spectrum, from red to white, pink to orange.

White wines made naturally are expressive, vibrant, and full of character. Similarly, red wines are bold, complex, and often boast a fresh and fruit-forward profile. For the adventurous, pink wines are a delight. These are not your average rosés; they’re deeply flavoursome and wildly aromatic.

Ever heard of orange wines? They’re the new kids on the block, created by fermenting white grapes with their skins on. This process imparts a rich amber hue and a bold, distinctive flavour profile.

Among these, Life Is Beautiful 2021 has been a particular hit. This natural wine has an appealing balance of character and accessibility, making it a favourite among both seasoned wine connoisseurs and newcomers to the natural wine scene.

London’s Natural Wine Haven

Located in the heart of London, Soho is a dynamic, vibrant neighbourhood known for its eclectic food and drink scene. As the trend for natural wines has grown, Soho has established itself as the hub of this revolution.

Numerous pubs and restaurants across Soho have embraced the natural wine movement, integrating these unique beverages into their offerings. Consumers flock to these establishments, drawn in by the eclectic range of pure wines available. Whether it’s a chic restaurant serving up dishes accompanied by the perfect natural wine or a casual pub offering a selection of orange, pink, white, and red wines – Soho has become the destination of choice for natural wine lovers in London.

Soho’s focus on natural wine represents a shift towards authenticity and sustainability, reflecting London’s broader love for these wines. Natural wines are celebrated here, not just as a beverage, but as a lifestyle choice, symbolising a deep respect for the environment and a desire for pure, unadulterated flavours.

Conclusion – The Future of Natural Wine in London

The rise of natural wine in London is more than just a trend. It represents a shift in perspective, a new appreciation for the purity and complexity of wine. Soho, with its natural wine-focused pubs and restaurants, is leading the charge. As more and more Londoners are discovering the charm of these minimal intervention wines, they are simultaneously supporting sustainable and environmentally-friendly winemaking practices.

The future of wine in London is looking natural, pure, and diverse. The city’s wine lovers are embracing the beautiful chaos of natural wine – its unpredictability, its boldness, its truth. And in doing so, they are helping to rewrite the city’s wine story, one sip at a time.


1. What is natural wine?

Natural wine is made with minimal intervention, using organically or biodynamically grown grapes and native yeasts.

2. Why is natural wine popular in London?

Londoners appreciate the purity, complexity, and sustainable production of natural wines.

3. What is minimal intervention in wine-making?

Minimal intervention means using only natural methods and refraining from adding chemicals or manipulating the wine.

4. What are orange wines?

Orange wines are made by fermenting white grapes with their skins on, imparting a distinctive amber hue and bold flavours.

5. What is the Life Is Beautiful 2021 wine?

It’s a popular natural wine known for its balanced character and accessibility.

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