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Which wines are vegan?

Which wines are vegan

There is a growing variety of wines available to satisfy every palate. Vegan wines are one of the newest trends. But what does “wine vegan” actually mean?

Vegan wine is made without any parts that come from animals, just like any other vegan food, drink, or product. But what classic wines typically contain animal ingredients? 

The Secret of Fining and Filtering Wine

Manufacturers use fining chemicals to help the proteins cluster together and settle to the bottom of the wine, making it simpler to remove the sediment.

Because certain regularly used fining agents include animal ingredients, vegans should avoid specific wines. Egg albumen, made from egg whites, is sometimes used during the fining process for red wine. For white wine, milk protein is used instead. Bone marrow and fish oil are two more animal-derived fining agents. Casein, an animal protein found in milk, ichthyocolla, a substance made from the swim bladder of some fish, and gelatine are also used as fining agents. 

Vegan wines differ from organic and natural wines because they don’t have a set amount of sulfites or chemical preservatives.

Although there is no official certification for these wines, in The UK there are some online wine shop specilaising in wines for vengan people.

Buying real vegan wine online.

If you’re looking for a vegan wine without using animal-friendly fining agents. We’ve made a list of red and white wines that vegans can drink at Christmas or any other time.

Ovella Nengra

This juicy orange wine comes from Penedes, Spain. The grapes were crushed, and the skins were macerated in stainless steel containers for two weeks. The result is a wonderful smell of exotic fruit, sugared citrus peel, and a hint of cinnamon (which convinces us that we need to drink more Malvasia). On the palate, it’s quite juicy/crunchy, dry, round, and lively.

Ovella Negra
A la Natural White

A La Natural White

Patrick Bouju, Action Bronson, and the Insatiable Ochin Clovis brew A La Natural wines; it’s a circus! For those who know Patrick’s white wines, it’s no surprise that this one exceeds expectations. A mix of mostly Auvergne Chardonnay with southern France Muscat and Alsace Auxerrois. Enticing aromas lead to a crisp, vibrant palate. The aftertaste has aromas of honey and candied citrus.

The Bookkeeper 2020

This English vegan-friendly wine is from Charlie Herring (Tim Phillips) in Lymington Spa. The Bookkeeper 2020 is 92% Pinot Blanc and 8% Chardonnay. No additions, no fining, no filtering, 10mg/l added during bottling. On the nose has ripe exotic fruit, stone fruit, orange peel, and mandarin marmalade.

The Bookkepper
Le P'tit Vaillant

The Le P’tit Vaillant 2020

The simplicity of this light and drinkable red wine is part of its appeal. An equal blend of Groslot and Cabernet Franc, this wine packs freshness and a happy array of cherry and berry fruit expressions. A fantastic wine for any occasion.

Loulou 2020

This wonderful wine is made with a blend of 50% Pinot Noir and 50% Pinot Gris. It’s a unique and delicate creature with flowery fragrances of candied red fruits, blood oranges, and autumn foliage. It is incredibly soft, round, full, and tender, and it feels like pure fruit on the tongue.

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