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What wines are the best to buy following dry January?

best wine to buy after dry january

Dry January is a month-long challenge to avoid alcohol, and many people choose to participate as a way to reset their relationship with alcohol or to improve their health. People worldwide know that natural wines are often seen as healthier than conventional ones because they are made with fewer chemicals and additives. So, if you have successfully completed Dry January, here are a few types of wine options that you may enjoy as a reward:

Pet Nat (Petillant Naturel)

This is a type of a sparkling wine produced using a traditional technique and is renowned for having a light, fruity taste, and just a little fizzy.

  • “Jung & Sexy” is a brand of pet-nat wine produced by Pure Wines in the United Kingdom. Pet-nat, short for pétillant naturel, is a type of sparkling wine that is made using the ancestral method. This method involves bottling the wine before the primary fermentation is complete, allowing carbon dioxide to be produced naturally by yeast and trapped in the bottle, resulting in a light sparkling wine.
  • Prends Moi Sec XXI is another exquisite PetNat wine produced by Vincent Stoefller. This particular PetNat wine is noted for being cloudy but well-balanced with a sharp acidity and a pleasant fruit flavour that is integrated into a rich and toned material. 

Orange Wines

This type of wine has an amber-colored wine created from white grapes that undergoes skin fermentation to produce a distinctive taste that is acidic, somewhat bitter, and often nutty. A representation of orange wine are the following two bottles:

  • The “Tropicalia 2020” wine is a special edition produced by Bodega Recuero and blended by the owner, Jesus. It is a blend of four white grape varieties that are near extinction, macerated on their skins for four weeks in a combination of cement and stainless steel tanks. 85% of the grapes are destemmed, with the remaining grapes left as whole-bunch. The wine is characterized by its bursting flavour and aroma of ripe exotic fruit, much like the legendary performer Carmen Miranda. With only 2,200 bottles produced, this wine is a limited edition. 
  • The “Paleokerisio,” wine is a blend of white and red varieties that are native to a specific region. The wine is described as semi-sparkling and semi-dry with a light, balanced sweetness that is both captivating and fun. The natural fizziness enhances the flavours and aromas, making it a well-balanced wine that is easy to drink. Its limited availability in 500ml bottles makes it a rare and special treat for wine lovers.

Natural Red Wine:

This type of wine is usually created from organic or biodynamic grapes, natural red wines are produced with little to no intervention. They are renowned for having a taste that is rich, earthy, and deep.

  • Chant De La Tour 2020 is a Pinot Noir wine produced in Maconnais, a region in southern Burgundy primarily known for producing Chardonnay and a bit of Gamay. It’s a unique wine, as Pinot Noir is rare in this area. The wine is made by the Tripoz Couple (Celine & Laurent), who aim to deliver a fresh, classic expression of Pinot Noir.
  • A la Natural red 2020 is a particularly juicy wine, a blend of 80% Gamay d’Auvergne and 20% Chardonnay that is incredibly delicious and easy to drink. If you have yet to experience the world of natural wine, consider learning more about these individuals. A bottle of this wine will make you the coolest person in the room.

Wine drinking can have both health benefits and social benefits, but it is important to remember that moderation is key. Drinking wine in moderation has been associated with several health benefits, including reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke, and certain types of cancer. Additionally, drinking wine can positively affect mental health, such as reducing stress and improving mood.

In social settings, wine can serve as a way to bring people together, create a relaxed atmosphere, and enhance the dining experience by pairing well with food. Drinking wine can also be a form of enjoyment and a way to unwind after a long day.

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